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Sell home batteries with Haven and future-proof your business.

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Home batteries are about to go big

Our grid is unreliable. Extreme climate events are on the rise. And homeowners want to protect their homes and save money. Batteries instantly make homes more resilient and lower energy bills year-round. 

Haven offers the only platform for sales partners to grow their business by selling batteries. We also handle every step of the battery install process. With new rebates and tax breaks rolling out everyday, batteries are about to go mainstream.

Why partners love working with Haven

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Fast installs, fast payouts

Competitive redline pricing
Average time to payout – 4 weeks.

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Deal-closing proposals

Flex financing + maximum incentives for customers. Polished proposals ready in a few clicks.

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Real training + support

Skilled sales engineers on-call.
Free professional marketing materials ready to go.

Why homeowners love working with Haven

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Uninterrupted power, savings all year

People come to Haven because they want to beat blackouts and save money. In other words, they're hungry for energy independence. Do your customers want the same things?

Best-in-class service and ongoing support

Help homeowners unlock the benefits of a battery backup with a trusted and highly-rated company (that's us) and earn a commission on every sale. We'll take care of the rest.

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Haven battery systems in the wild  

Homeowners who choose Haven see the benefits right away – an end to power outages, bill savings every month, and peace of mind. It's brilliant.


Powering homes, powering passions 

Meet Ernie and see how battery backup can make a big impact on someone's life.
Ernie's experience was so good he volunteered to let us film him.

What our partners are saying about us

"With batteries, Haven’s made something to keep us all in business. If I can accurately size and price battery deals for my existing customers, deliver fast, quality installs, and get a quick payout on every project, that’s a game changer."

Ezra Schroeder
Haven sales partner
Walnut Creek, CA

"People want security for their families. They're thinking, how am I going to have power in an outage? They see the value immediately. For them, getting batteries is a mindset. Working with Haven, I focus on customers with this mindset. Haven takes care of the other stuff. Paperwork, contracts, payment. They’re responsive and, honestly, it’s been seamless."

Austin Tashakori
Haven sales partner
Santa Clarita, CA

Want a bit more detail? Read on.

1.  How quickly will I get paid?

We offer competitive redline pricing and the average time to payout is ~4 weeks. That's fast.

2. How do you make it easy to sell batteries? 

With pretty proposals you can create in a few clicks, flex financing, and maximized  incentives for customers. How do you like them apples?

3. What if I'm new at this?

We've got you. We have skilled sales engineers on-call and free professional marketing materials ready to go.

Haven opens doors. You know how to close 'em.

Only 11% of California homes with solar have storage, which means there are 1.1 million eligible homeowners waiting for your call. With an average commission of $3k per deal, the math is good. Energy storage is skyrocketing and we've made the perfect kit for selling them. Give us a call. Send an email. Or just click the dang button already.